"The Freedom Little League has used Stan Krolick for its fundraising efforts for the last three years. Not only was it a pleasure to work with his lovely family, his crew of workers were very hard working and seemed to get everything done with little effort. They were always on time. They came ready and did an excellent job. I will always use Krolick Chicken for all our fundraising efforts. They have been great!"

-----Darlene Esposito, Freedom Little League Rep.-----

"We used Krolick's Barbeque for a fish fry as a fundraiser for our school. In comparing notes in the days following the fish fry, several of the staff commented, "That wasn't just a good fish fry. That was the best fish fry I've ever had." We can't wait for his return in a few weeks for another fish fry."

-----Bonnie Renzi, Principal St. Al's Regional School -----

"What Stan does for chicken is what mustard does for hot dogs. Stan whips up the ultimate barbeque. My own efforts are dishwater weak compared with the majesty of Krolick's BBQ."

-----WBEN's Tom Bauerle -----

"It has been our pleasure to be associated with Stan Krolick for the past 8 months. During that time Stan and his crew has provided us with barbeque chicken and rib dinners on a weekly basis. We began this project as a way to help fund our local, national, an international mission projects. We originally thought these weekly dinners might run throught the fall, but the response from the community has been so great that we have an excellent product...one that keeps folks coming back week after week.

Each week Stan and his crew set up thier pits outside the church and cook the chicken, ribs, and salt potatoes on the premise. They are always on time and provide us with all the trimmings to deliver a quality meal to our patrons. We have come to rely on Stan, his crew, and his product. We highly recommend him."

-----Rev. Jack Rudoloph, Pastor Arcade United Methodist Church-----