31 May - Hamburg, New York - 2,552 lightly breaded 11 oz portion of haddock, cold slaw and potato salad was the Polish Heritage Festival's award winning dinner on this special "Fish Fry" Friday.

To help achieve the record for "most fish dinners at an event", James Jozwiak - president of the Polish Heritage Festival - selected Krolick's Bar-B-Q of Arcadia, New York to fry the fish for the event.

Stan Krolick - owner of Krolick's Bar-B-Q - as well as colleagues Brian Woods, Don Stebbins, and other team members expertly fried the portions of haddock in aluminum, 100 quart vats for exactly 8 minutes at a bubbling 350 degrees, to maximize the fish's flavor and texture.

Money raised during the event's sales was donated by The Polish Heritage Festival to an orphanage in Przemysl, Poland; to Lion's Clubs located around western New York; as well as to college scholarship funds.

In a gesture of goodwill consistent with the Festival's of "giving to those less fortunate", Krolick's Bar-B-Q generously donated 250 fish dinners to the "Response to Love Center", a soup kitchen on the East Side of Buffalo, New York.

31 May 2008